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What happens to my skin after summer?

In summer there are external and internal factors that have consequences on your skin: heat, sun, sweat, sea water, chlorine, air conditioners, uncontrolled diet... All these factors directly influence your skin, which is why you can see it more off , dehydrated , notice the clogged pores u observe the appearance of new stains or that these have intensified.

Have you detected any of these signs on your skin? We explain to you step by step how to restructure your facial care routine to reduce these signs as much as possible and we give you different options depending on your skin type and its needs.

  1. If you have new stains or they have darkened...

It is very normal that after the summer new spots have appeared or that the ones you already had have darkened and are more visible. This is due to sun exposure, as it encourages their appearance and darkens those that were already there. To treat this point we must prevent and treat.

The prevention It is essential to prevent the appearance and prevent it from getting worse, which is why it is key that you apply sun protection daily without exception.

For treat stains that you already see on your face, you can benefit from different assets, for example, vitamin C wave niacinamide . Next, we recommend products for stains.

We recommend you:

He BRIGHT Elixir Serum Vitamin C+ by Cosmética Vicorva contains a 3% of Vitamin C stabilized, which favors its synthesis and with Hyaluronic Acid , an ideal product to deeply hydrate your skin and with antioxidant action, perfect for combination and oily skin. If your skin is dry, dehydrated or the first signs of aging are already beginning to appear, you need to try the BRIGHT Rich Cream Vitamin C + , with deeply hydrating ingredients that will hydrate and plump your skin from the inside.

  1. If you see your skin as dull or dull…

After summer you may notice your skin less soft or see her less bright . It's completely normal! During the summer months our skin suffers greater solar radiation so, to protect us from these UV rays, the stratum corneum increases in thickness. Dead cells accumulate and this generates the visual effect of dull and rough skin. You may also notice that, due to this, your pores become clogged.

And you may be wondering: how do I get rid of all those excess dead cells? The solution is chemical exfoliation.

We recommend you:

If you want a product that feels watery and absorbs almost instantly, the 7% Glycolic Acid Tonic Solution It is for you since, in addition to exfoliating, it hydrates your skin thanks to Marine Glycogen, Aloe Vera and Glycosaminoglycans. If you like the light and soft textures of serums you have to try the Glycolic Progress Serum 5% (you also have it in one 10% concentration if you are already an expert).

You must be careful:

The so-called “overexfoliation” has no positive effects on your skin, in fact, it can weaken, irritate and even stain it. That is why we recommend that you observe your skin's reaction to the exfoliant and that you do not abuse it. Besides, avoid physical exfoliants (yes, those that have particles that scratch your skin) and homemade mixes made with sugar, coffee, etc.

  1. If your pores are clogged…

As we explained in point 1, excess dead cells accumulate in your pores, causing them to become blocked. This, added to excess sebum or moisture, can cause a acne outbreak .

To keep your pores clean, we suggest clean and exfoliate

We recommend you…

To clean your pores in depth while respecting the skin barrier and helping to regulate sebum, you can help yourself by Cleanser Mousse with Niacinamide from Vicorva Cosmetics.

To tone and exfoliate your skin after this gentle cleansing you can apply the 7% Glycolic Acid Tonic Solution in your night routine.

  1. If your skin is dehydrated…

If we add the high temperatures with the effect of air conditioners, we have skin that has lost a lot of water, which is why you may notice it more. tight and without that “filling” effect. In this case you must provide your skin with essential nutrients that moisturize and repair your skin.

We recommend you…

If your skin is normal to dry you will love the denser and more unctuous textures . It is for you one of our Best Sellers , the Pollution Detox , because in addition to providing deep and intense hydration to the skin, it creates a protective barrier against pollution and contamination from air.

If your skin is combination or oily you need deep hydration, but with a light and comfortable texture . We bring you two options that will make you fall in love, first of all, the Vicorva Cloud Facial , a cloud texture cream with Niacinamide, Centella Asiatica and Hyaluronic Acid that will recover your skin in a matter of days and with an incredible absorption speed. On the other hand, the Hyaluronic Acid Cremigel You will love it, and it also has a medium sun protection factor, what more could you ask for?

  1. Protection always !

You may have realized that one of the main factors of all these conditions that you see on your skin is solar radiation , so it is logical that to reduce its effects on our skin we must protect it non-negotiably every day, regardless of the season, whether it is cloudy or sunny .

We will never tire of repeating it, Sun rays are the cause of diseases of the skin, in addition to accelerating the cellular aging and the appearance of stains and wrinkles .

We recommend you…

The tan doesn't last forever and I'm sure you like a skin tone further tanned and homogeneous , or not? To achieve a more “subdued” skin color and unify spots or skin imperfections you will love our SPF 50+ moisturizer with color , two steps in one (hydration + protection).

Recover the glow natural of your skin and show it off this fall.

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