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Aloe Vera After Shave 100ml

Aloe Vera After Shave 100ml

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Are you tired of suffering from irritation and dryness on your skin after shaving? Do you want to feel your face soft and fresh without worrying about the harmful effects of the sun?

We know that skin care is essential, especially after shaving, that is why we present you the perfect solution: Vicorva After Shave Aloe Vera Men's Shaving, the ideal balm for daily use that protects and regenerates your skin.

This balm is made with natural ingredients of plant origin that maintain optimal hydration of the skin while protecting it from sun rays and shaving irritations. In addition, its content in Bisabolol, Allantoin and Aloe Vera helps in the regeneration of skin cells, leaving the face calm and soft.

Product characteristics:

  • The formula of Vicorva After Shave Aloe Vera Men's Shaving contains Hidroviton 24 and Glycerin.
  • This combination allows perfect hydration immediately.
  • Moisturizers have a great power of action.
  • It offers a light texture and rapid absorption.
  • It is applied immediately after shaving and is absorbed in seconds.
  • Leaves a dry touch after absorption.

Package content:

Each package contains a 100 ml bottle of Vicorva After Shave Aloe Vera Men's Shaving, perfect for daily use and to carry in your gym or travel bag.

Product Applications:

If you want a complete treatment for your face, combine the balm with our Men Care Anti-Aging Cream, and feel your face brighter and full of life. With its list of natural ingredients, this product is safe for daily use and suitable for all skin types.

In summary, Vicorva After Shave Aloe Vera Men's Shaving is the balm you were looking for to protect and regenerate your skin after shaving. Maximum hydration, sun protection and cell regeneration in a single product, look no further!

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