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Rosemary Alcohol

Rosemary Alcohol

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Discover the power of rosemary with our Rosemary Alcohol. Dealing with circulation problems or tired legs can be a challenge, but now we have the perfect solution to refresh and tone your skin.

Rosemary, a Mediterranean plant with aromatic and therapeutic properties, is the base of our Rosemary Alcohol. This high-quality preparation, designed for external use, is ideal for circulation problems and tired legs. Get instant relief and freshness with every application.

Product characteristics:

  • Refreshing and toning action: Our Rosemary Alcohol provides a refreshing sensation that revitalizes your skin and leaves it with a pleasant feeling of tonicity.
  • Natural ingredients: We use quality rosemary essence and 96º ethyl alcohol in our formula, guaranteeing a safe and effective experience.
  • Captivating aroma: Enjoy the natural aroma of rosemary while benefiting from its therapeutic properties.

Package content:

Each bottle of Rosemary Alcohol from Vicorva Cosmetics contains a generous amount of our star product. You will get everything you need to enjoy its revitalizing and refreshing benefits.

Product Applications:

  • Scrubs on the skin: Apply our Rosemary Alcohol directly to the skin and enjoy a feeling of instant freshness. Ideal for tired legs or to revitalize the entire body.

Remember that at Cosmética Vicorva we care about your well-being, which is why we regularly update the list of ingredients in our products. We recommend that you carefully read the list of ingredients on the packaging to make sure they suit your personal needs.

INGREDIENTS: Alcohol denat, Parfum (Rosmarinus officinalis), Limonene, Linalool.

NOTE: Please remember that the list of ingredients is updated regularly, so we recommend that you read the packaging carefully before using the product to ensure its suitability for your personal use.

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